TVAlertsManager Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

TVAM Installation & Usage

A: TVAlertsManager extension interacts directly overtop your open TradingView tab to save and load alerts. A Google spreadsheet is used to view indicator and alert settings as well as create and edit alerts. Users can use TVAM for complete TradingView alert automation, using the Automation tab.

A: TVAlertsManager extension is installed into a Chromium browser and the installation process is very simple.

A: Yes, the installation and user guide can be found here.

A: There are no security concerns when using TVAM. No TradingView account login information is required to manage alerts ensuring your TradingView account remains secure. Your TradingView username is saved and is used for subscription data only. TVAM saves data on amount of saved and loaded alerts but does not save any further data about individual alerts or indicators used. The extension can only interact within the TradingView browser itself and does not save any browser data outside of TradingView. Complete information on data collection and usage can be found on the privacy policy

A: TVAlertsManager is provided as a software tool only to traders; and as such all trading risk lies directly with the end user. TVAM accepts no trading liability and no warranty is implied for the usage or functionality of the software. TVAM usage is subject to the license agreement and the terms and conditions.

A: The installation and troubleshooting guide can be found here.

A: Errors can be reported via email to or reported on the Discord using a support ticket. Please include any relevant files including the log, screen record video (if possible), and snips of the console while pointed at TradingView (CTRL+SHIFT+J on Windows or CTRL+OPTION+J on Mac). More information on opening the console here. Your patience is appreciated in error reporting as we are continuing to develop this software out for our users.

A: Additional feature requests for TVAlertsManager can be sent via e-mail to or sent on the Discord under feature-requests channel.

A: TVAM Extension and its updates are managed directly by the TVAM team with new versions being automatically updated by Google to your browser. You should NOT have to do anything under normal conditions. You can always verify the current version in your browser  matches the version shown on the Chrome store here. If for some reason your extension version is outdated you can simply delete the extension from your browser and re-add it.

TVAM Access & Subscriptions

A: All new users receive a FREE 14 day trial of TVAM Premium (One trial per TradingView ID) which can be requested upon loading the extension for the first time (Settings tab -> Get trial). Users will be able to access all TVAM Features for free for 14 days with no credit card or subscription required. Only one trial is allowed per TradingView ID.

A: After the 14 day trial has expired users are automatically downgraded to the FREE Plan.

A: The Free plan is limited to 100 alert saves and 100 alert loads per month. This means that users can save 100 alerts from TradingView to the spreadsheet and load 100 alerts to TradingView once every 30 days. The free plan can be used indefinitely or until the service is discontinued.

A: If you enjoyed the TVAM Premium trial and want more information on subscriptions you can head here. Traders can choose between the TVAM Premium and Enterprise subscriptions. 

A: All TVAM subscriptions are recurring payments due to the fact that the software requires constant maintenance & support. We are always adding features for our users and adapt our software to any new TradingView features. To provide the TVAM software for FREE for all users incurs costs as well. We aim to maintain a high customer satisfaction level and we strive to provide a high quality product with minimal downtime for our users. 

A: Both TVAM Premium & TVAM Enterprise allow access to all of TVAM’s features including automation.

TVAM Premium Subscription is suitable for individual traders as it allows access to all of TVAM’s features for a single TradingView account, with a FIVE minute automation webhook interval.

TVAM Enterprise Subscription is suitable for enterprise traders as it allows access to all of TVAM’s features for multiple TradingView accounts, with a ONE minute automation webhook interval.

Custom feature requests are available for Enterprise clients.

A: Please contact us directly at if you are an entity interested in purchasing a TVAM Enterprise subscription and we will work with you to find a suitable solution.

Please include the number of TradingView accounts to be used on the subscription as well as estimated daily usage per account (alerts saved/loaded) when inquiring about the Enterprise subscription.

A: We offer discounts when purchasing 6 month and yearly subscriptions.

Purchase TVAM Premium for 6 months and SAVE 10%.
Purchase TVAM Premium for 1 year and SAVE 20%.

We also offer coupon codes from time to time which can help traders save even more. To check if there are any current coupon codes please view the homepage here or send us an e-mail. Coupon codes may be displayed on the website above the header.

A: TVAM uses automation to enable and disable subscriptions, so after a subscription has been purchased please allow up to 30 minutes for access to be granted. Simply load the extension, point your browser to TradingView and click the Settings tab to view subscription data.

Note: If the TradingView browser was opened before the extension was installed you may need to reload the TradingView browser to gather subscription data.

A: If after 30 minutes your subscription is still not activated you may need to double check that you signed up with the correct TradingView ID. Please keep in mind the TVID is case sensitive and is used for automated subscription access. Your TVID can be found on TradingView under Profile Settings.

To check your TradingView ID provided please sign into your account here. Once signed in, head to “Addresses” and you can edit the TVID which will be shown under the “Company name” field. Please ensure the TVID is correct and matches your TradingView  username. If changes to the TVID field are required, please allow up to 30 minutes for the subscription to be activated.

For any further subscription issues please send an email.

A: If you have purchased a subscription but are unsure on how to use the product, please refer to the TVAM User Guide. For additional help you can either book a coaching session or send us an e-mail here.

A: If you have purchased a subscription and have decided that the product is not for you; you may be eligible for a refund. Please view the Terms and Conditions page to view the Refund Policy. 

A: If you would like to cancel your subscription please login to your account at and click “My Subscription”. Under “My Account” you will see the  “Cancel” button. 

NOTE: If you choose to cancel your subscription, please be aware that you are responsible to cancel your subscription before the next billing cycle occurs and before your renewal payment is made.

A: TVAM uses automation to enable and disable subscriptions.

If you have cancelled your subscription, you will retain access until your renewal date. Once your renewal date has been met, you will be downgraded to the FREE plan.

If your payment has failed or is about to fail, you will be downgraded to the FREE plan.

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