TradingView Indicators and Signals

Quality TradingView indicators and signals are hard to come by. If you are new and just starting it can take years to find and develop good indicators, signals and strategies to trade off of. 

Some of our favorite indicators are listed below. Have a good indicator and want it listed here? Don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Miyagi Indicators

Miyagi: The attempt at mastering something for the best results.

Miyagi Indicators combine multiple trigger conditions and place them in one toolbox for traders to easily use, produce alerts, backtest, reduce risk and increase profitability.

Miyagi has excellent signals and strategies that new users can leverage to quickly become profitable in the markets. Miyagi scripts work on any market and are especially useful when using automation to trade.

Miyagi STrend was created to allow traders the ability to both scalp and swing trade from a singular indicator. STrend aims to help traders catch more of the move, reduce risk and increase profit potential.

Miyagi 10in1 indicator integrates multiple trigger conditions (EMA/MACD/RSI/STochRSI/VWAP/TTM/ADX/SuperTrend/MFI/ATR) and places them in one toolbox for traders to conveniently use, produce alerts, reduce risk and increase profit.

Miyagi was designed to make profits on the volatility of the markets, whether price goes up or down.
Users are able to consistently achieve good profit per day and month with lower risk using Miyagi indicators.

Users are able to achieve large daily % gains when the market is trending while still returning profits when the market is not moving as much.
Script link here. For indicator access please click the “Purchase Miyagi Signals” button below and purchase a subscription.

VWAP Signals (FREE)

Wick Hunter VWAP with Alerts is an excellent way to countertrade the market. VWAP Signals allow you to short the top of the market, or long the dips. 
Alerts are triggered based on candle wicks above or below the VWAP – please use ONCE PER BAR for alerts.
Script link here.

Wick Hunter VWAP with Alerts - trading Indicator

Wick Hunter MVWAP is an excellent way to countertrade the market with some extra add-ons that the original VWAP With Alerts (above) does not have. MVWAP Signals allow you to short the top of the market, or long the dips with added Higher time frames. Users can trade and backtest on multiple charts using Multi-time frame VWAPS. Example: chart can be selected as the 1 minute with VWAP signals displayed for other HTF charts ( example 5 and 15m charts).
Alerts are triggered based on candle wicks above or below the VWAP and will fire if using ONCE PER BAR but may or may not be shown on the chart.
Alerts shown on the chart are fired using ONCE PER BAR CLOSE and will help if you want to only trade confirmed and non-repainted signals.

Script link here.

MMM Signals

MMM Signals utilize trend, counter-trend and other filterings to produce quality signals for users.

The MMM Scalper uses deviation from VWAP , TSI Curl, and MA Cross for reliable higher timeframe entries.

  • VWAP is green + for Longs and red – for Shorts
  • TSI Curl is blue △ for Longs and orange ▽ for Shorts
  • MA Cross is dark green ⇡ for Longs and yellow ⇣ for Shorts

Script link here.

MMM Scalper - trading indicator

The MMM X-in-1 is designed to be flexible enough to design your entries the way you want them, providing multiple entry options, and combined with filtering options to tune the entry conditions to meet the market you’re aiming to trade.

This indicator will be added to your chart (or charts) multiple times, with tweaks and customisations on each addition depending on the market conditions.

  • PSAR HTF’s capped at x3, and changed to timeframe selectors that all default to current
  • Enabling the Stochs Above / Below entry filter will work for the current timeframe by default, with a selectable timeframe under the settings
  • Alerts added for TTM Squeeze and GoGomax

Script link here.

MMM Trading Indicators

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