Trading Bots: Crypto

Trading bots can be used to automatically trade for you in the crypto markets based on TradingView Alerts. This can be a very powerful income generation tool, if done correctly.

Below are some of our favorite bots to use to trade crypto:

Best Trading Bots For Crypto:

3Commas Trading Bots


If you are an experienced trader you will have definitely have heard of or even used 3Commas, which is a cloud trading bot.
DCA bots with Tradingview integration for signals for entry, exit and trailing really allow you to really be creative with your trading while providing standard features such as take profit, stoploss, DCA, etc.
Grid bots allow you to profit on assets as they move over time.
Smart trade allows you to trade using better controls than on exchanges, or go all out with your scalping on the Terminal.
Signals marketplace allows for easy entry to profitable deals by following the most profitable signals. 

Wick Hunter Trading Bot


WickHunter is a cloud trading platform similar to 3Commas with the focus on higher performance and more features for advanced traders.
The Liquidation trading bot counter trades the market and can produce very good results. 
The DCA trading bot is very similar to 3commas trading bot; however incorporates multiple take profits, liquidation DCA, and dynamic SL/TP values.

Profit Trailer Trading Bots


Profit Trailer is a self hosted trading platform with many advanced features that can help automate your trading. The trading bot includes dynamic DCA, multiple take profits and built-in indicators.

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